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Investment Platforms

EGC Agri Capital

Egeli & Co. Agriculture Investment Trust (EGC Agri Capital) is the Turkey’s first and only agriculture oriented venture capital company in Turkey.

Founded in 1994, the Company joined Egeli & Co. Financial Services Group in 2004. The shares of EGC Agri Capital are traded at Istanbul Stock Exchange with the ticker EGCYO.

Following the increase in interest for agriculture, institutionalization works in agriculture and agricultural products industries as well as practices applied by companies to enhance their added values started to gain importance.

EGC Agri Capital aims to contribute to national economy as well as to create added value for its stakeholders by making investments in fields of agriculture promising sustainable return. Additionally, EGC Agri Capital aims to transparently and safely disseminate its works while focusing on growth.

For more information please visit www.egcyo.com

EGC InfraEnergy

Egeli & Co Investment Trust (“EGC InfraEnegry”, BIST: EGLYO) founded by Akbank on 18 September 1998 under the title Ak B-Type Investment Trust. The shares of Ak B-Type Investment Trust were acquired by Egeli & Co Investment Holding on 3 July 2012 and joined Egeli & Co Financial Services Group.

The legal status of EGLYO, the shares of which are traded at Borsa Istanbul (BIST) and are regulated and monitored by the Capital Markets Board ("CMB"), was converted from a securities investment trust to a venture capital investment trust in December 2012.

By realizing investment opportunities in the sectors with a high growth potential, EGC InfraEnergy provides chances to benefit from this potential by a transparent and regulated investment platform. EGC InfraEnergy is providing a strong and sustainable capital returns by investing in the growing industries, especially in clean energy and infrastructure.

For more information please visit www.eglyo.com

EGC Investment Holding

Founded in 1994 with the title “Varlık Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş.”, Egeli & Co. Investment Holding (“EGC Investment Holding” BIST:EGCYH) makes real asset investments primarily in energy, real estate, infrastructure and finance industries as well as indirectly in the agriculture industry with an innovative value driven approach.

In addition to direct investments, the Company also makes indirect investments through Egeli & Co. Agriculture Investment Trust as its leading investor and shareholder with 28% and Egeli & Co. Investment Trust with 91.54%.

The shares of Egeli & Co. Investment Holding are traded at the Istanbul Stock Exchange with ticker of EGCYH. As of 31 December 2012 the free float of the Company is 54.72%.

EGCYH is a member of the Corporate Governance Index (XKURY) where companies applying the Corporate Governance Principles are included.

For more information please visit www.egcyh.com